Will my wine be in a temperature-controlled environment the entire time?
Yes, all transportation and holding areas are maintained at 55 degrees Fahrenheit.
Can you transport my liquor bottles?
Yes, we can transport your liquor bottles and other heat sensitive items like vinyl records and candles that could potentially be damaged during non-temperature-controlled transport.
Can you help with unpacking and organizing my collection when it arrives?
We would love to help unpack and organize your collection. With CellarTracker, we can help manage your collection and keep track of all your bottles no matter where they are.
If my new home is not finished or does not have a cellar, can you assist in storage?
We have 55-degree cellars located in Arizona and Texas plus storage partners around the U.S. able to assist with all types of storage both long-term or short.
What does the transportation process look like?
  1. Our local logistics leaders will arrive with a temperature-controlled vehicle to pick up your collection.
  2. Our leaders will securely place your wine on pallets and wrap them for security and protection during the long-haul transportation on a temperature-controlled 53-foot truck.
  3. We schedule final delivery with you and transport your wine in our local vehicles to your home where we will place the wine inside.
Do we need to ship in Styrofoam shippers?
No, in fact we recommend not using Styrofoam for both environmental and transportation space reasons. Your wine will be secured to a pallet or carried by hand when in motion.
Are you willing to sign an NDA and submit background checks?
Yes, we have many private and celebrity clients that wish to keep their transactions private. We take pride in our professionalism and service to all clients.
How long does transportation take?
Transportation can vary by distance and scheduling needs. Typical transportation across state lines takes approximately one week. Multiple states-long transportation can take several weeks.